Closing Tabs

  • May you please change priority when you close any tab ? Now it choose last open'd tab or left, i prefer if it would be right next, like in chrome. Sorry for bad language. English is not my main language.

  • Your explanation was fine. I totally agree with this.

    When opening a large number of tabs, for example a google search on articles, you would want to go through all the opened tabs when starting to review the results. But instead, after closing the first tab coming from this results it will go back to the previous active tab. I'd very much like this behavior to change (or be changeable to one's needs) and move to the next tab on the right. I don't want to close the tabs of my search terms, I want to close the tabs that will be discarded and may have no use for me….just saying.

    I noticed though, if you use right click on one tab and use the option: "Group similar tabs in one stack" this desired behavior will happen. However, if you are searching for an specific topic on several different journals (i.e., the results from google scholar) this alternative will only be available when results are opened in the same journal, so this feature is useful only there. Otherwise, the closing process will be the same as before.

    I believe that when browsing several tabs after a search should be an efficient process, and going back to the original results tab, instead of the next opened result makes it more time consuming and distracting.

    Thanks for the support and hopefully this will be addressed soon


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