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  • Several months ago I posted this in the feature request thread, but it got buried without much opportunity for discussion. So here it is again, and I would value people's feedback. The additional user interface requirements are minimal (I have mocked them up below), and this could be a unique power-user selling point for Vivaldi. The idea is simple: a single search command opens multiple tabs of results. At the moment this must be done manually. For example, if I want to search many sites for a CD to compare prices, my actions would be: - Ctrl+T. Type "a Dark Side of the Moon". Highlight "Dark Side of the Moon". Ctrl+C. Return. - Ctrl+T. Type "b ". Ctrl+V. Return. - Ctrl+T. Type "e ". Ctrl+V. Return. This would open three tabs for the sites Amazon, Base and eBay, each with the results I was looking for. The alternative: - Ctrl+T. Type "cd Dark Side of the Moon". Return. The new tab is replaced by a tab group containing three tabs, each with the results I was looking for. The user interface requirements are minimal. Simply extend the "Search" section of settings with a "Search Group" section, where each Search Group has a name and a keyword (like a normal search), but the "URL" is instead replaced with a list of existing search keywords. To illustrate my point, I have created a mock up of this: [attachment=2408]SearchGroupMockUp(cropped)-2.png[/attachment] I have a feeling that when people get used to this and set up their groups of commonly used searches, they will wonder how they ever lived without it... The closest a Chrome extension has come to this is the "Search Center", however it does not permit assigning keywords to the search, the UI to configure searches is clunky and, of course, it cannot take advantage of tab groups. The proposal I have made above should be very easy to implement, easy to configure and introduces virtually no clutter to the UI. Attachments: [img][/img],[img][/img]

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    Oh yes, nice idea. Such group bundled searches (like a metasearch) would be useful. :woohoo:

    Did you already sent your whish as a Feature Request in bugtracker at ?

  • Thanks! No, I have not submitted it there, although I have submitted the odd bug. I had assumed they they prefer only to receive bug reports there. Perhaps I could slip it in, but it would feel a bit cheeky to me!

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