K-Meleon - The Browser You Control

  • K-Meleon has risen from the dead. After years of deep sleep a new version. πŸ™‚ [url=http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net/]K-Meleon[/url] is a Gecko based open source browser which uses MacroLanguage instead of XUL. Among Gecko based browsers it is the lightest. The current version is based on Firefox 24 ESR. The main drawback, it is not multiplatform. Minimum requirement is Win XP SP2. Some of K-Meleon's features: It comes with a privacy bar (has to be activated) where you can turn on/off cookies, scripting, images on the fly, block popups, applets, flash or clear cookies, history, cache. Toolbars and buttons can be activated or deactivated. Items on toolbars can be selected or deselected manually by editing the toolbars configuration file. It comes with a very long list of search engines wherefrom you can choose. You can also add (or delete) other search engines of your like. It also comes with mouse gestures (you will have to enable them) which you can costumize. You can set up several proxies and switch between them. The macro for switching UserAgents is not implemented yet in the new version. However it is easy to add. You can add more UserAgents and switch between them on the fly. The UserAgent will be masked not only hidden (will work with scripting turned on as well). In case somebody wants to test the browser or simply prefers portable, there is a portable package too. Last but not least, they have also a forum. People are friendly and willing to help. English is the main language of the forum but you can also ask in German, Spanish or Russian. Basically you can ask in any language granted it is a user online who speaks that language and can help. πŸ™‚

  • I too had thought it was dead…

    After reading this I decided to try it and I am impressed.

    It still is a developing project needing better bookmark support and synching with Opera and IE (Yes you can use your Opera and/or IE bookmarks, but no way to sync them w/Opera/IE).

    Very quick and has not crashed.

    This browser has some amazing potential.


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