Cannot disable password remembrance (nor in general nor per site)

  • Please confirm the following password remembrance issue. (Already submitted earlier as VB-11528). Steps to reproduce: After successful logon the browsers proposes each(!) time if it should remember the user/password/site combination. Even if I say 'Never'. Expected behaviour: I expect that the browser offers two possibilities: 1) Choice to not remember it for 'this site'. and 2) A global setting to never remember passwords. (My preferred security setting.) Actual behaviour: Each time the browser asks the question to remember the user/password combination. Even if I request to never remember the password for the applicable site. This happened already in the previous version. Vivaldi version: Latest tests : 1.0.365.3 (Beta) (64-bits) om Windows 10 and same version on Ubuntu (i686) ---- Please confirm. Am I missing something? Or is this future/planned functionality. I would expect settings as in Opera on the 'Privacy and security' section. Regards, a3ano

  • Sorry, I searched the this forum group but did not find any post about 'password'. I should also have looked for 'passwords' apparently :whistle:

    Topic: Disable saving passwords
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