About the tab Cycling / Most recently used order

  • First post so ... Hi everyone, my name is Andrej ... and i'm a Vivalddict ... Ok, so, i really like vivaldi, as implied, i already quited every other browser for the most part, only waiting for the "sync your stuff" for which i found a tempie solution. The only issue that i have is that the tab cycler in the options doesn't seem to fully work, or it is me who can't figure it out. There are two choices for the cycler , either most recently used order (MRU) , or , Tab order, which i assume means from left to right. When you go ctrl+tab works perfectly, as advertised, but, when you close a tab, it doesn't, it always goes MRU, even if i selected "tab order". So, am i missing something? is there an option i have not yet seen?. There are plenty of extension that manage tab behavior, i tried a bunch of them, but they are not able to override this. Suggestions? Thank you for your time.

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    I don't think you're missing anything. The option does what it says. It does not do the other thing that you want it to do because it was not designed to.


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