New discovery!

  • From Opera 3 to 12, to Firefox; alas, FF half hearted about bookmarks, tab stacking lost with development, managing groups part broken, dependent on unmaintained add on, and then to fall over Vivaldi! Hope springs eternal! First impressions: For any sort of researching, the ability to group tabs is important. My favourite was Firefox+tabgroups, where groups have their own separate tab bar, where a named group tab is created from a menu, and the ordinary URL tab bar lies underneath. Ordinary tabs can be dragged in and out of groups as required. Groups can be hibernated to save memory. ( Instead of a group bar, maybe we could give a useful name to a tab stack) You might be able to emulate tag broups somewhat and soon in Vivaldi if you could bookmark a whole stack of tabs* at once to 'save' them, and giving the bookmark folder of their URLs a suitable name. (* but NOT all open pages) Thank you for built in sidebars! Especially with wide format screens, sidebars are an excellent idea. Sortable bookmarks in a tree are an ideal sidebar feature. Good fortune to all involved, regards

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