Bookmark import from Opera 12

  • Hello Forum I've tried everything I can think of to import my Opera 12 Bookmarks, but none of them work (yes, I've tried the V/File/Import Data to no avail). Can anyone offer some advice please? Thank you Sean

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    Export them to HTML and then import that?

  • I know Import did work in an older version - for 32-bit O12, not 64-bit - though the last option "Opera Bookmarks File" should also work if all you want is bookmarks. Mind, the Opera 12 option never did import passwords, but it did import Notes and Bookmarks both. Obviously since it did work for me nearly a year ago now I haven't tried it recently though I have seen posts claiming it no longer works. (It never did work in Linux, that's why I know Opera Bookmarks File should work if you don't care about Notes.)

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    Import data is still working for me on Windows 7 64-bit, with 32-bit Vivaldi

    I just imported my bookmarks again from operaprefs.ini to update them. I copied one folder only and deleted the rest, and the older version of the copied folder.

  • Thank you for the replies - I'll give things another whirl.
    My machine is W7 64-bit
    Vivaldi 1.0.344.37 (Beta 2) (32-bit)



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