How to clear pages from typed history or clear it all?

  • Hello, I typed some page wrong now it always appears first in the list. like *.co instead of *.com How can I clear it from the history? Thx

  • To remove recently typed history: (top left corner) Vivaldi Menu–Tools--Clear Private Data...--then place a check-mark in the boxes of the data type you want cleared--then select the box marked "Clear Browsing Data"--voilà, all gone forever!

  • To delete one entry, arrow down to highlight the entry and then hit shift-delete to remove that address from the history, or hover over the entry and hit the [x] at the end of the line to delete it.

  • For only "One" Typed History or any History

    1. Re-type at least part of wrong word/address in Address Bar.
    2. Hover your mouse pointer to that "wrong" one. An "X" will show up.
    3. Press that "X" to delete.

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