Opera 12 security

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    As our old Opera is ageing we have to take a bit more care with how we use it. It is already a little lacking, and the defaults MUST be changed, such as enabling TLS 1.2 and 1.3 Looking for some info on extended settings, I found an excellent resource with all the important settings explained http://anonymous-proxy-servers.net/wiki/index.php/Opera_Browser_en http://anonymous-proxy-servers.net/wiki/index.php/Opera_Browser_de If you want an alternative user agent string to put in the custom user settings you can find one here; http://www.useragentstring.com There are occasionally some advantages to spoofing as GoogleBot or Bing etc. as they can often access closed forums and sites.

  • Some of the settings might break some website layouts, so you should know what you do and how to revert it. Best if you save a copy your operaprefs.ini (can be found in %appdata%\Opera\Opera if you use win and a default install) before tampering with the settings: That way you can always compare and revert settings afterwards.

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    Very good point.
    Yes unfortunately tightening browser security too much can break many sites.
    I should point out I have not set my browser that tight, but found the page useful for explaining the use of certain features.
    I don't require that level of anonymity, and am more interested in malware protection.
    However as this forum is "Private Browsing" I thought others may like the anonymity options.

    Hopefully this thread will turn into a more normalised list of options useful for a wider audience 😎


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