Images: do not reload & zoom resets when opening on a new tab & SVG

  • Hi! I do not read here all the time, so maybe these are known, they happen for a long time (since ever? to me) [color=#0000CC]One[/color]: "Reload Image" not working. - open page with an image in my own (localhost) website - edit and save the image - right click on the image - select "Reload Image" - nothing happens (expected the image to update) - refresh the page - image updates (as expected) [color=#00CC00]Two[/color]: zoom resets when opening image in a new tab - open page with an image - change the page zoom to not 100% (e.g. change to 120%) - right click on the image - select "open image in new tab" - the image opens in a new tab (as expected) - the current tab zoom changes to 100% (very unexpected) - the image in the new tab zoom is also 100% (ok, but maybe using the same zoom would be better) [color=#CC0000]Three[/color]: SVG animation not working 100% correct. I'm not going into details, I've been long enough here for today :-) I have a few SVG animations that do not work 100% correctly on Vivaldi. Actually they do not work correctly also on IE(7?), Firefox, something on a friend's mobile. Yet, they work just fine on old Opera (12.16). The question: In what stage is SVG support supposed to be on Vivaldi? Would reporting my error be potential helpful, or I better spent my time elsewhere? ;-) Sorry for a burst of questions. Any partial reply is welcome.

  • reported them all.

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