Very slow sites loading

  • hello, using 1.0.357.5 Beta 64bit, some sites take minutes to load - I see the progress bar kinda freezing, and whole page freezes as well, PC config is i7-5820K (12 cpu threads), 32GB ram and GTX980Ti, anti-virus is Avira Free, OS WIndows 7 Pro 64bit, so PC isn't an issue definitely, ping on for ex. takes 26ms in average and my connection speed is 5Mbits, so shouldn't be a culprit either.... any idea what's wrong?

  • Moderator

    No idea. May be a interference with your virus scanner?

    Do you have a example URL where it happens for you?

  • even forums are loading quite long, even on another PC with 400Mbit internet,
    and I checked servers weren't available yesterday for a while, so maybe that was the problem…


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