Mouse Gesture Behavior

  • I recently got a mouse and desk for Xmas, so I've finally been able to try mouse gestures for Vivaldi on my laptop. I love using them, and they're a really quick way to navigate. But there are a few behavior problems that bug me with it: - Middle click(the scroll wheel click), causes the page to go back or something when I release it. The reason I click on that button anyway is to scroll up and down the page. Kind of pointless if it goes to a whole other page entirely. - I often use alt + A or S to navigate through tabs left and right. When holding alt, if I move the mouse, it takes the page to Speed Dial or some random page in that tab's history. I would like to be able to use alt while freely moving the mouse and being able to use my keyboard shortcuts as normal. So the solution would be giving the option of using alt as an input separate from the mouse. If those problems were fixed, using the mouse would be like any other browser, but with mouse gestures, and that would be awesome. :cheer:

  • Hey, I just realized my scroll wheel does have a left and right click for going back and forth. Maybe that does cause it, but I find it's much less sensitive with another browser like Opera. I wish there was some sort of way to program that. I prefer using mouse gestures to go back and forth.

    And for the keyboard shortcuts, I use Alt+A to go left in the display order, and Alt+S to go right in the display order, kind of like you're playing a video game. I only cycle through display order, left and right, so when I want to go through my tabs, I hold Alt and press A or S to go left and right. I'm using the latest SS after Beta 2, the last SS of 2015.

    The thing I want Vivaldi to change is to provide an option as to whether Alt should work as an input if you move the mouse. I think alt provides an alternative to right clicking for mouse gestures, but I don't like the way that works because a lot of my keyboard shortcuts depend holding Alt. Other browsers like Opera don't do that.

  • Yeah, I think they should definitely make this a configuration option, because I don't want it. I'll write a bug report on it.

    And Alt A and S make the best keyboard shortcuts for going through tabs!


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