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  • Hi, one of the main reasons why I started using Vivaldi is the possibility to scale the UI according to my needs. However, I found out, that the extensions do not scale very well. I attached a screenshot of the Hola plugin as an example but the problem is more annoying with LastPass. This problem is prevalent both in beta 2 and the latest snapshot (1.0.357.5) on Mac but I suppose it will be a problem on other OS as well. tragram Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/70896/Capturadepantalla2016-01-02alas10.37.13.png[/img]

  • Sadly you are correct also for the Win & Linux V flavours. Once the clever devs gave us the capability to self-scale the UI, i found i generally like to use 80%, though sometimes i flirt with 85% & 90%. Unfortunately to my chagrin most of my [many] installed extensions [at least, those with a GUI menu / display accessed via their icon] then become awkward or even impossible to use. They work just fine when the UI scale is back at 100%, but that's a shame coz then everything is "too big & in my face" for my tastes. I am gladdened however by the belief that eventually the devs will fix this for us, so it becomes yet another big-fat-plus for this marvellous browser.

  • I haven't scaled my UI at all but the UI for extensions is still borked

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