Trackpad gestures for MBP

  • I have started using Vivaldi, I like it a lot - it does almost everything Chrome does with better UI. However, there is one thing missing, that is history back / forward using 2-finger swipe left and right!

  • I have also spent some time trying to discover how to go backwards and forward in history using either the trackpad on either my desktop or my MBP.

  • As far as I know, this feature hasn't been implemented (yet). You can try to use the mouse gestures (which is annoying, because you have to actually click) or you can use the BetterTouchTool and setup a gesture for Vivaldi (that's what I'm doing).

  • This was the first thing that bothers me about Vivaldi, I can't swipe to go back in history.

    For mouse gestures on the trackpad as it is currently implemented, you have to do a drag gesture, which is really uncomfortable to do on a trackpad compared to a mouse.

    Hopefully, Vivaldi can implement support for trackpads better soon.

  • Swipe to go back works if you first have/hover your mouse over the address bar.
    Not the best implementation, and way too involved for me personally, but maybe it'll tide you over until it can be improved.

  • It also works if you move the mouse cursor over to the tab bar (e.g., on the left, if you are using vertical tabs) and do the swipe there, but it does feel very clumsy compared to how it works in most other browsers where you can simply do a fast swipe on the web page itself.

    Vivaldi is progressing very nicely, though, so hopefully this issue won't remain for that much longer.

  • The new Vivaldi version that was just released fixes this issue! Now you can swipe back to your heart's content. 🙂

  • Cool, thanks very much for all the hard works.

  • Unfortunately the gestures only work with two-finger swipes, not three-finger. Disappointing after all of this waiting…

    EDIT: Fixed in 1.3!


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