Possible upgrades concerning Tabbed Windows

  • Hi Team 🙂 , I was thinking of a browser which supports Tabbed Browsing but was thinking of making the resource utilization really slim by having only one tab as active while all the other inactive / Background tabs were tiled and not in tabs so ideally in such a case you will have only 2 tabs meaning one active tab and the 2nd the tiled tab which has all the sites browsed during that session (Doesn't include the closed tabs) in the tiled tab. Some of the scenarios that I see in the tiled tab are> 1. If I browse a website then it gets added to the tiled tab and if I close the Active tab then it will remove the respective tile that was added to the tiled tab. Again once I close the Active Tab then it should open a Blank Active Tab. 2.Suppose I have a website A in the Active Tab and then instead of closing the Active Tab I directly enter another Website Address B then what would happen is it would have already added the Website A in the tiled Tab and now when I browse Website B it should add that as well. This is only my vision to improve the user experience and also the ease of browsing. This is mainly helpful for people who tend to browse a lot of websites and yet don't want to close all the tabs rather have it open. This is a scenario when the browser gets really slow due to so many open tabs and it would literally ruin the whole experience of browsing since it consumes a lot of resources. I really though Vivaldi was a browser which which got somewhat close to my thoughts w.r.t merging of tabs, but that still wont help it would consume the resources even though you merge tabs. There are much more things that can be thought about from the above points that I have mentioned. I hope or believe this idea of mine would probably be implemented so that a majority of people would benefit with increased efficiency and productive browsing experience. Thanks & Regards, Sunil


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