Thanks for this great browser, but I have some thoughts

  • So I'll start this out by saying I really love this browser. I do, despite it being somewhat laggy. Why anything would lag on my PC is beyond me, but hopefully it'll be fixed in the final release. Hopefully earlier. [b]Specs for reference:[/b] i5-3570K 980 Ti 16GB RAM Browser on SSD Resolution at 2160p [b]Tabs: [/b] [b]Tab close event[/b] After setting everything up correctly, it transforms and both works and looks great. But there is one thing I couldn't find a setting for, and that's when you close tabs. Instead of picking the next tab to the right, it goes back to the last recent tab. Since I open a lot of tabs with images and like to browse through them one by one, I find this very annoying. My current solution is to quickly click through every tab I [i]plan[/i] to look at in the correct order. While it works, I find it tedious that I have to do that each time. [strike][b]Tab opening preferences[/b] Let's say I have 10 tabs open and I go to the second one. I want the new tabs I open from the second tab, to end up right next to it. As in, between tabs 2 and 3. But as it is currently, if I go to tab 2 and open something new, it ends up as tab 11 all the way in the corner. This is also annoying when you like to open up a tab and look around in all the different threads. You have to drag them all the way over to keep some form of structure. An example would be that I always have gmail open in the first tab. When I open a link from an email, it doesn't show up in a tab next to it. It shows up on the other side of the screen.[/strike] Thanks to [b]TbGbe[/b] for letting me know that this has been added 🙂 [b]Opening loaded tabs[/b] Newly opened tabs in the background all fully load, but the first time you switch to them and try to view them, there's a white screen before it shows. Like it somehow loads, but it's thrown in some cache and has to be fetched before you can view it. This only happens once per tab. Any solution for this would be greatly appreciated. [b]Youtube:[/b] When going into fullscreen mode on any random youtube video, the picture flips the shit out about 4-5 times on average before it settles. While it doesn't really have any impact on the video watching itself, it's still gets annoying after a couple of times. I'd rather spend those extra 2 seconds watching the video. Thank you for this great browser. I'm glad to finally be able to replace my previous one. I just hope these issues get fixed, or if someone could tell me how to fix it myself.

  • Tab close event

    Has been requested many times and is being worked on.

    Tab opening preferences

    A change was made in the snapshots since beta 2. (I think 1.0.352.3 for this)
    The latest can be found at

  • From what I gather from following the dev team blog, as well as press interviews and the like, the current snapshot of Vivaldi contains all of the features that will be included in release 1.0. Consequently, the development focus leading up to the stable release is on squashing bugs, refining features, and optimizing performance. You should, therefore, continue to see performance increase on your system as subsequent updates are released — with the caveat that there could always be regressions that find their way into the snapshot update channel.


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