Some Suggestions for Web Panels

  • I can't tell you how useful I have found the web panel feature. 1. It would be awesome if you could add RSS feeds into the web panel. 2. I would like web panels to interact with plugins. For example using LastPass to log into sites like twitter and facebook via web panel. Currently, I have to open a new tab, log into the site and then open the web panel. 3. I am accumulating quite a few web panels, I think it would be prudent to have some sort of organization system in place. Folders and maybe drag and drop reorganization of icons might be worth looking into. I really like vivaldi and can't wait until it is out of beta and ready for production.

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    Right-click on the panels to hide those that you're not currently using.

    I am hoping for email with RSS feeds some time within the next few months.

  • I think the basic idea of the web panels is to find a site that will do what you want best rather than build things directly into Vivaldi.

    Nevertheless, there is a shortage of some types of features that should in theory work great for the Panels. I tried out about a dozen feed readers before I found that Inoreader is the perfect fit for the panel.

    Gmail is dissapointing, as many e-mail messages insist on using more than the full width of the panel, and you can't scroll to see the rest.

    What I think Vivaldi could use is a list of recommended panels that work well for Vivaldi. I've had to do a lot of searching to get things right, but a simple list with some links in Vivaldi setup would go a long way.

    The superstars I've seen that perform exceptionally well are Facebook, Inoreader, and Google Docs.

    Gmail has some issues that makes it not quite function as a full e-mail option sadly. I'm hoping they will clear up in the future.

  • I agree with the fact that web panel should interact with plugins !


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