Let webdevs specifying their own Speed Dial icons

  • Dear Vivaldi, please give web developers control over how their websites appear on Speed Dials. Small screenshots aren’t the best representation of a beautiful website. Users are already used to launching new activities by clicking beautiful app icons on their phones or kind of uglier-looking icons on their taskbars and Start menus. [b]Let the web be a place of beautiful big icons[/b] and not a place for cramped screenshots featuring more of websites’ top-advertisement than the actual page content. The good-for-the-web-open-standards way to go about this would be using the following metadata when generating the preview images: [code]<link href="nice_icon.ico" rel="icon" sizes="16x16 32x32 64x64"> <link href="nicer_icon.png" rel="icon" sizes="192x192"> <meta content="#9100f2" name="theme-color">[/code] Pseudo-algorithm: [ol] [li]Find an icon equal to or larger than whatever size Vivaldi prefers. Reject smaller images and images with non-alpha transparent backgrounds. Prefer "sizes=any" (SVG) if available as you can scale vectors to be just the right size.[/li] [li]Use theme-color (see [url=https://vivaldi.net/forum/web-standards/7583-accent-colour-meta-tag#44228]this thread[/url]) as a background color for the icon (either a solid color or maybe add some kind of highlighting or gradient at Vivaldi’s discretion) and add the icon centered smack on top of this background.[/li] [li]Profit![/li] [/ol] If you’re worried about users not being able to visually distinguish two speed dials from the same domain apart with the same icon; then stop worrying. Vivaldi’s history keeps track of how many times the user has visited a given URL. Give the pretty icon to the most-visited page from that domain, and then give secondary speed dials from the same domain screenshots instead. Pretty by default and usable even for heavy speed dial users. Don’t be Opera and ignore the ugly mess that is the speed dial screen indefinitely. You’ve put some lipstick on the speed dial pig and prettied up your default partner speed dials to make a better first-impression. Keep that momentum going and let every other speed dial be just as pretty.

  • Webpage defined SpeedDial icons will come next year as developers said ;)

  • @Gwen-Dragon:

    Webpage defined SpeedDial icons will come next year as developers said ;)

    Do you have a source for this?

  • I am a internal Vivaldi tester, have contact to the dev team and i am informed what may come.

    PS: i need this feature for userdefined icons/SpeedDials, too. I liked what was shown in old Opera 12 and Mobile browsers.

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