[Solved] F****G Auto geolocation (on site)

  • Hello everyone 🙂 With the last 2 or 3 snapshots, I have this very (VERY VERY VERY) annoying feature playing on itself called "Go f**k yourself I go on the site I want". [u]Example [/u]: I type the url "blablabla.com" and if I'm in the u.k., it automatically redirects me to blablabla.co.uk or any affiliated website. I'm in France? blablabla.fr. Germany? blablabla.de. I think you get the point. I never had that previously, Do not track always checked, I have uBlockO & uMatrix. I probably have (or made) something wrong somewhere, and believe me this is kinda annoying and I would like not to get 36 "do not track, ghostery or any other" extension. Thank you very much for your help. P.S.: HNY 🙂

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    Which website does this? I like to test.

    Vivaldi does not redirect by Geolocation.
    The server of the website you visit redirect it by having your remote IP and your language setting (you can check at http://browserspy.dk/language.php )

  • For example nba.com, google maps, google.com (I try not to use google, but sometimes I do need to) …
    Thank you for the answer.
    Yup, I know this is testing my IP, but previously I did not have this (opera 6 to 12 either, Vivaldi 0.0 till now) so I thought those browsers did prevent that kind of annoyance. I had this problem in opera newer versions (15 and above). I know nothing about browser coding so I (probably wrongly) guessed this was hard coded. Thanks again.

  • Typing www.nba.com into the url bar on Mint 17.3 with Vivaldi 1.0.357.5 (Beta) dev (64-bit) opens the page http://www.spox.com/de/sport/ussport/nba/index.html?gr=www and this is exactly the page opened by Firefox on the same system with the same entry into the url bar.
    The test tool provided by Gwen-Dragon is coming up with this result:


    The detected language is English but I am redirected to a German page. I assume there is some kind of IP evaluation on nba.com.

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    The redirect is done internally by server of nba.com, not by VIvaldis geolocation!

    Dont blame the browser for some ugly webpages's server behaviour.

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    Thats is not a problem of the browser!

    the servers of NBA and Google sites send redirects to the browser, because the server knows by internal ip-to-country database here the remote IP is located.

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    You misunderstand what Geolocation in a browser means.
    The browser Geolocation will detect, after you allowed it, wheer you are located. But the redirect is done by Javascript on webpage or the server internally!
    And often Servers and Proxies detect weher you come from, not the browser.

    if you dislike this, your should use selectable proxies or VPN. 😉

    Stop blaming Vivaldi for servers forcing users to other countries.

  • I did not blame vivaldi, I just asked why this was not doing so previously but only recently (last snapshots) 🙂

    Thank you for the answers 🙂

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    I did not blame vivaldi, I just asked why this was not doing so previously but only recently (last snapshots) 🙂

    Hmmm, ok, I apologize, my misunderstanding as my mother tongue is not english.

    But i think this discussion hint was good because it may show others how servers interfere with browsers and bring some more light what Geolocation means.


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