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  • Hey What mobile platform do you like the best?. I currently use Android, only because I'm waiting for a bigger size ihpone. Prefer IOS.

  • All of them have certain advantages. Android is generally more free (as in libre), iOS has some of the best standard GUI libraries but some of the worst autocorrect, and Windows Phone is pretty neat but can't run old Windows Mobile applications.

    I wish Nokia had continued with Meego, but as it is I'm actually still looking forward a little bit to trying one of those Firefox OS phones. Or perhaps I'll be able to run it on my phone sometime. I recently installed Android 4.4 and that's quite decent.

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    My choice android on LGG2

  • I've been using Android for a few years now. Never looked back. Currently a Nexus 4, pure Android 🙂 It's pretty, fast and responsive, good screen, but so so battery and camera.

  • Started with the Windows Phone 7 and currently my wife and I use Windows Phone 8 on HTC 8x phones (which I don't care for but at the time were all Verizon were carrying). As soon as our contracts run out (a few more months) we'll be getting Nokia phones (probably 928). Our son works for Microsoft so we try to "keep things in the family" so to speak. Besides, I've gotten used to the Windows system and frankly the apps it now has is more than enough for my needs.

  • "Astroid"? Is this new? Never heard before… :p

  • Symbian!
    While it lasts…

  • Forever android 🙂

  • Some random and unorganized thoughts:

    Windows Mobile is goofy with how you have to add ringtones. You have to put "Ringtone" in the tag information for the genre and sync with Zune. Sometimes you can get lucky by renaming a short mp3 to have a .mid extension and send it to the phone as an mms message. Then the phone will allow you to add it as a ringtone. So much resistance. iOS and iTunes are a little better, but they're still a little picky with the track length and file extension (needs to be m4r instead of m4a, which is silly to have that distinction). With Android, it's total freedom. Just put some audio files on the phone (directly without software if you want as it shows up as drive that you can actually work with) and pick whatever ones you want as ringtones.

    Words with Friends wasn't even available for Windows Mobile until recently and it isn't free like it is for Android and IOS. Candy Crush isn't available either. Also, for Windows Phone 7, the version of IE on it is so old that it doesn't support any HTML5 video. And, since there's no flash either, all you can play on youtube is some mobile rtsp streams that are only available for some videos. Only a few examples, but you can't really do much with a Windows Phone. Even with Windows Phone 8, there still aren't a lot of apps.

    The cool thing about iOS is that just about everything GUI-wise is done right and is natural. And, it has lots of apps. It's silly how the iphone 4 doesn't have anyway to talk and insert text into the body of a text message though while that's been available way back in Android 2.2-ish. That's fixed in newer versions of if iphones though. iTunes is a nightmare to use though. Best thing about iOS is facetime. With android you have to use skype, qik or tango for example, which aren't as nice.

    Windows Phone 7 (at least) can't do more than one thing at once. Love how Android and iOS do that without problem and how they have task managers that are easily accessible so you can kill apps.

    Android does have a really nice and intuitive interface though (Samsung's customization too). Love the Samsung Galaxy Note III. So fun to use.

    With iOS, you get updates sooner as you don't have to deal with different distributions of android delaying updates till they're ready for that distribution.

    With all that said, Android is totally awesome and my favorite. If only it had a facetime app like iOS (or they both converged on one).

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    I'm trying to like Android because it's my only option really. I'm not doing the Apple thing and Windows isn't something I use either. Leaves Android which I try to like and have partly succeeded.

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    Now waiting for a Linux phone that is not Android.

    The G has enough money. See this Link for more info.

  • I also prefer the Nexus series Androids.

  • I Symbian but with lacking support I switched to Android. :side:

  • I prefer Android OS due to its openess and great customization options 🙂

  • I really liked webOS. Currently I use Android but I'm waiting for a high end Ubuntu Touch phone to come out.

  • I prefer Android. Because I'm developing programs with Java for mobil platform. Open source and accessible.

  • I use Android but I have been eye-ing Firefox OS since it definitely has some real potential. 🙂

  • My favorite is iOS. I have used android in the past and while I appreciate the openness, I find that the apps in android have no consistency in their interfaces.

  • I need to change my answer: I just got a Blackberry Z10 phone and I am very impressed with the BB 10 operating system.

  • my path: Symbian => Android => Sailfish ( https://sailfishos.org )


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