Default zoom setting

  • recently bought a 4k monitor for programming development Naturally all the text displayed in Vivaldi is too small to read now, and I don't see any way to set it to be larger by default for all pages opened. Yes, that should include pages reached by link from a page already opened. It should open at the size already set on the page it linked from... like opera 12 did. As usual I searched this site using the search box and found nothing for default zoom. in fact the idiot search once even ignored the word typed (zoom) and searched for zoo instead. that aside, I'd appreciate knowing how to set a default zoom percentage if possible. thanks in advance 😉

  • Hi, in later snapshots is a setting for "Smallest Font" in Webpages.
    May this help if you set it to 18-20 or so.

    Cheers, mib

  • mib2berlin,
    Thanks, that's a good suggestion, and it does solve the size of text problem, and I will use it. 🙂

    Unfortunately, it also causes problems with what I think is line height on parts of the page.
    For example, on this page, set at any size greater than 12, all the "action buttons" on this page have the text mangled at the bottom with a white line drawn through the text.

  • See example of problem at size 18 attached


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