Improvements to Quick Commands

  • I remember quite a few of us Opera users on the old forums (circa Opera 7ISH) longing for a command interface like "Quick Commands". On OS X I've used [url=]Quicksilver[/url] for many years (and the best variant of this idea on Windows was [url=]FARR[/url]). So it is really great to see this in Vivaldi. However, although it is a wonderful start, it can still be improved: [ol] [li]Learning: it should rank entries based on use. It doesn't need to be a complex algorithm like Quicksilver, just a simple weighting based on the history of used entries.[/li] [li]Ordering: You should be able to order interface commands above default search. This is really annoying and stops quick use, if I want to search I'll use the address bar[/li] [li]Quick Access: how about adding a quick access like CTRL+1-9 for the first 9 entries in the results list.[/li] [li]Deeper: It would be great to be able to access Extension commands. For example I use Markdown-Here a lot and although it has a keybinding I'd like to access it via the Quick Commands too.[/li] [/ol] There are of course many more improvements to make, but without implementing the first two above, I fine Quick-Commands to be currently very limiting in its functionality...

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