Wish: Paste and go in every contextual menu and not only on address bar

  • So that we can paste & go in the search window and any online form fields. Thanks!

  • Note that there is an hotkey for this: CTRL+SHIFT+V is default hotkey for "Paste as text / Paste and go", that have different behaviour based on current cursor position; you can try this hotkey.

    I noted this because caused me some unexpected behaviour when pressing CTRL+SHIFT+V (for pasting as simple text) in a text area that was not correctly recognized, and so it navigated to link I pasted, losing what I was writing…

    However, nice feature, but I would not set as default.

    In settings you can also set an hotkey for action "Paste and go", for having the single behaviour, you can found it under "Page" section.


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