Request: Custom mouse gestures

  • I'd love to use custom mouse gestures, preferable as to how it was in Opera 12.17. I currently miss options to zoom, and I have a custom which is: right, left, right = close current tab. (I know it is also down, right) but right, left, right seems more natural to do and can't be mistaken by any of the other suggestions. I also know there are various extensions for chrome to make custom mouse gestures, but it seems extensions are far from perfect as none of the extensions that allow this works. Some work partially, others don't work at all.


    During the many years I used opera 12 I made my own set of custom mouse gestures, and now I can't browse effectively without them.

    I'm eagerly looking forward to the day I can ditch Firefox, but until Vivaldi lets me set my own mouse gestures it's impossible for me to switch.

  • agreed

  • +1 on this

    This is an absolute must before I'll start using Vivaldi as my default browser!

    I know you can install extensions, but they are not working in vivaldi:// pages or hosts that I have disabled Javascript on.

  • +1!


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