Cannot view embedded YouTube videos - Only on Vivaldi!

  • Strange thing happened TODAY (last Vivaldi stable update about a week ago - 3.5.2115.87)

    (IN VIVALDI) YouTube videos do NOT work on any websites where they are "embedded" (i.e., not viewing directly on YouTube). You can watch the same videos fine on the website.

    This does NOT happen on similar chromium browsers (Brave, Chrome, Edge).

    Anyone having the same issues? Any settings I can tweak to see if this problem goes away?

  • I solved the problem - I just deleted all cookies and it started working again.

    But I'd still be interested in what would cause that issue. We rarely, if ever have to flush all the cookies like that.

  • @njroute22

    I think I have a similar issue, but I didn't realize that it's not an issue on other Chromium based browsers. I sometimes also can't see embedded video's and that's because third party cookies are getting blocked.

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