Backup/Copying of passwords to other account - KDE/GNOME

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    I want to backup and/or copy Vivaldis password database to an other Linux user account. I know the Vivaldi (like Chromium) passwords are stored in subdirectory ~/.config/vivaldi/ and files [i]Login Data[/i] and [i]Login Data-journal[/i] . And as i know for different OS passwords are stored in keyrings of the running Window Manager. That means for KDE in ./.kde/share/apps/kwallet/kdewallet.* GNOME/Ubuntu in ~/.local/shre/keyrings/login.keyring I ask because on Windows a change of hardware or the account results in loss of Vivaldi's login password database. is it enough to backup complete ~/.local/share/keyrings/* and ~/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default/Login Data* on GNOME or on KDE: ./.kde/share/apps/kwallet/kdewallet.kwl ./.kde/share/apps/kwallet/kdewallet.salt ./.kde/share/config/kwalletmanagerrc ./.kde/share/config/kwalletrc and transfer to the other Linux account? Without a loss? Or did i miss something to copy?


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