Vivaldi vs other browsers: power consumption

  • Hi. When running Vivaldi against Opera or Chrome in OS X El Capitan I see a huge difference in terms of energy usage. Opera and Chrome use way less power than Vivaldi. Since the base is the same, could someone tell me if Vivaldi has some settings that must be enabled for it to have a better performance in terms of energy in OS X? Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas to you all.

  • Go to : vivaldi://flags and disable the options you don't use :cheer:

  • I just installed the latest [beta] version of Vivaldi for Mac, and I'm noticing that it's using more CPU than Safari (my preferred, default browser). I chock that up to its beta status, though. I'm confident that it will improve.

  • Note that there is an issue that affects both Opera and I assume Vivaldi that doesn't affect Safari or Chrome: if you use a laptop with discrete and integrated GPU, if it switches to the discrete then it cannot switch back. You can use gfxCardStatus to check if vivaldi is forcing the dGPU to keep active:

    Apple does not allow developers to control this and they have only given their own browser and Chrome the rights to switch GPU freely.


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