Vivaldi on Window 10 recently lagging, any work around?

  • Hello , even I update today to latest v....87 ., Vivaldi still lagging whenever opening new page, trying to click a tab , trying to move cursor to start typing , when right click...etc.

    I've no more than 50 tabs , 6 add-ons.

    Trying to see if any files I can manipulate , refresh in order to make Vivaldi to run smooth & rapid again.

    Thank you very much.

  • @eeeemc Go in vivaldi settings and try to disable animations under appearance (could help with UI lags) and hardware acceleration under webpages (could help with pages lags).
    Other things that could help would be to hibernate tabs more often, share your PC details (gpu,ram,cpu) and list your extensions.

  • @Hadden89 Thanks !!

    Intel I7 / 16GB RAM

    Ad-blocker for Gmail™ 2.8
    Adblock Plus - free ad blocker
    Application Launcher for Drive (by Google) 3.3
    Dark Reader 4.9.26
    Double Click Closes Tab 1.0.9
    Google Dictionary (by Google) 4.1.5
    Google Docs Offline 1.21.0
    Pushbullet 358
    Snooze Tabby 0.2.8

  • @eeeemc Test in private or guest mode to see if the issue is due about addons.
    Google ones may not work with Vivaldi (most won't at all) and you can consider to replace the first two with UblockOrigin (or disable acceptable ads in AdblockPlus, which I hope will stop the ads in gmail too...)
    Which are your GPUs?

  • @Hadden89 Thanks

    inter(R) HD Graphics 4000
    59.94 Hz

  • @eeeemc Disabling the hw acceleration should help. Chromium, but especially Vivaldi is known to have problems recently with that enabled on Intel HD graphics. What Vivaldi://gpu says?

  • Thank you very much once again !!

    I capture the first portion & the last portion from Vivaldi://gpu ( I skipper those long paragraph between these two portions )

    Screenshot - 1_15_2021 , 11_48_10 AM.jpg

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