Can't log in to Roam Research graph

  • I've been using Roam Research in my Vivaldi browser for months - but I can't log in to my graph anymore!

    I successfully log in to the page where I select a graph - but, upon selection, I just see the spinning logo forever.

    Everything still works fine in a Chrome Browser.

    Anyone experienced/experiencing this?


  • @StuartCraig Welcome to the Vivaldi Community! 🙂 👍

    As this will likely require someone to have an account on the site to verify, my only advice is to go through the troubleshooting steps:

    Unless you're able to share a public URL showing the same issue.

    If you're able to reproduce this issue in a clean profile, then please report the issue as a bug here:
    Of course, you'd need to provide the team with a chance to reproduce the issue, at the very least a step-by-step guide how to create an account and reproduce the issue. Without being able to reproduce, they can't fix it.

    Unless someone else with an account there is able to verify that is.

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