Annoying interface to chromium/blink & self signed certificates

  • For some very commercial but also security reason, the chromium browser with blink engine gives a weird error message when hitting a self signed certificate. I can explain that in private conversation. In ancient times, a browser like Opera allowed to store an exception for one time or forever. It annoys me greatly that I can't control this anymore. There is no option accepting the self signed cert for once or forever. To me this is a great step back. But of course, if the Browser is the new TV for dummies, it makes sense as the sheep do not understand what they are doing. But I hate browser paternalism. That's why I'm using vivaldi once opera 12 works on less and less sites due to the missing woff - implementation

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    Vivaldi has no own certificate database and can not act like Opera 12 or Mozilla.

    If you need Vivaldi without warnings, import your self-signed cert into into your OS Root CA certificate database. Or create a own Root CA certificate and sign your server certificate and install your Root CA certificate in your OS Root CA certificate database.

    Sorry to say, but if you are not happy about this, you may use Mozilla or Opera 12.

  • Wait a minute. How does vivaldi then look up certificates? Is there an API to look into my KDE cert store? Wouldn't that break the sandbox? Or is the certificate manager within blink/chromium and they refuse to change and vivaldi refuses to branch to write permanent exceptions into the store?

    I don't want to have Vivaldi without warnings, but the current messaging is IMHO misleading and secondly, the browser has to go out of my way with annoying dialogs. Whenever I requested dialogs for privacy from browser makers, they said: 'impossible, our users don't want annoying dialogs'. And now I can't get rid of a dialog that only benefits large web-estates? This would be really interesting to know..

    "Please use another brower" is not an option if vivaldi wants to be more than a visual theme of blink/chromium (like there are zillions)

    Anyway, thanks for the response


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