When Will You Add An Option To Disable WebRTC?

  • This is to me and probably a lot of people one of the main reasons why we left chrome and went elsewhere. When will you give us a snapshot to test disabling webrtc?

  • @Pesala:

    Ironically, a Google search found this:


    There is a recent lengthy Wilders Forum discussion running from February 2015 to now, involving whether extensions (ie: WebRTC Block, uBlock Origin, etc) or certain browser settings can adequately block WebRTC in various browsers, especially chromish ones:

    One of the discussion points is whether WebRTC Block works against all aspects of WebRTC leakage, and how effectively. The impression I've gotten is that there remains a lot of debate on the subject. Likewise, browser design evolution seems to offer ongoing risks to a blocking extension's effectiveness. One agreed-upon conclusion is that the most sure approach is using a browser that internally does not support WebRTC at all or else provides effective internal blocking of all aspects.

    For users of VPN's, especially in politically-repressive lands, this is all a very serious issue.

  • I wonder this aswell. What are our options regarding webRTC? Is there any safe Chrome add on perhaps?

  • I was so bothered about this that last year, for a couple of months, i stopped using V as my default browser & adopted Slimjet. In its settings are these:


    From the moment i first discovered Slimjet, with this native security/privacy feature, i was impressed, given it seems to work ok:


    …as opposed sadly to V, with which [though i otherwise love it], i feel a bit comparatively vulnerable:


    So [said with love & respect], c'mon please Devs… if Slimjet can do this, surely so can V.

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