Snapshot 1.0.357.5 - A few last fixes for 2015

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    [quote=ruario][font=4] Today is likely to be our last snapshot before the holidays. A big thanks to everyone reading this blog for all the help and feedback over the last year. We couldn't have gotten this far without you![/font] [b][font=5][color=red]Please test carefully, as we did a major upgrade of Chromium and that can introduce new issues or regressions.[/font][/b] [i][font=2]Changelog VB-11598 [Window][Linux] Main / horizontal menu changes: transition to native menus (in progress, more work to be done) VB-9527 [Window][Linux] No shortcuts listed for Undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, select all in horizontal / main menu VB-10953 [Linux] APT warning about two identical sources files: warning will go away from next update VB-11709 [Linux] PPAPI Flash not detected on Mandriva and derivatives [b]VB-10141 [Mac] Backspace does not work as go back in history[/b] VB-11591 Empty window is left after detaching last tab [b]VB-11571 Links issue with target="_blank"[/b] VB-11566 No Next Tab (Recent) in Quick Commands [Window][Linux] Prevent tab closing on last default startpage (Speed Dial) Audio icon should adhere to “Tabs → Animation” setting [b]Copy protocol on all urls, not only http(s) in address field[/b] Fullscreen not persisting after restart [b]Updated Chromium to 48.0.2564.48[/b][/i][/font][/quote]

  • Atualizado! 😎 Mais rapido em cada versão! :whistle:


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