I like my Pebble!

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi y'all For around $130 you can pick up a Pebble smart watch. It has a monochrome e-paper screen, hooks up to your phone and have a plethora apps available installed through the Pebble phone app. Initially I tried a lot of them. the apps that is, but have ended up with a few that I find useful to have on my wrist. - Notifications. I get to know that I have e-mail, Viber, Skype, calendar events etc through a short vibration on my wrist. I can glance at it and dismiss it not important and deal with it if it is. I can set which apps get access to the Pebble. If all apps could I it would be unbearable (pun intended). - I have Google MyTracks controlled through the Pebble. I enjoy not having to mess with my phone while hiking or biking but can keep an eye on progress on my wrist. - Weather. I can get weather information like temperature and short term forecast on my wrist. With a tap I can get more detail and forecasts for a week. I use it all the time and never open the weather app on my phone anymore. And of course I get weather warnings which is very useful if you live in an area prone to severe weather. What I have found is that people who hasn't been wearing a normal watch will probably not like a smart watch either. I always wear a watch so this is an extension to what I would be wearing anyway. I also like the e-paper screen and utilitarian design of the Pebble. It is not a fashion statement at all like Motorola 360 and not to mention the Apple Watch will become. No one need a smart watch, but I have gotten used to it and find that I do not have to say "excuse me, this may be important" and pull up my phone when I am talking to people anymore. A quick glance on my phone is enough, and more often than not it turns out not to be important so I can focus on real life instead. There's a thread here asking whether you will be getting an Apple watch. I would rather ask, if you would consider wearing a smart watch at all, and if your decision to do so or not is based on one or more features that needs to be present on the watch, or if it is enough that it comes from your beloved Apple? 😎 Oh, did I mention that the Pebble keeps time also? 😛

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    +1 , I like my Pebble too!
    It's not the most beautiful connected watch but it does the job, without needing a daily charge ( only few hours every 6 or 7 days).
    I used it for multiples notifications (mail, sms, calls, agenda and many others apps specifics ones) and with Runkeeper and Pebble Bike.
    I don't need color and touch screen, and definitely no apple logo 😃

  • Vivaldi Team

    My trusty old Casio wasn't a beauty either, but it had a purpose and worked well. The Pebble has the same utilitarian feel to it and the screen is easy to read. I am tempted getting a Pebble Steel but for now the first gen Pebble works well for me.


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