1st 2021 Friday Poll is out!

  • Absolutely a night owl🦉, from 11PM I'm most productive and be more comfortable.

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    As a retiree, without getting up early, I have returned to my eagle owl nature, staying up late at night.
    But on the other hand, at my age I do not need so many hours of sleep and I often wake up early, however allowing myself the luxury of turning in bed again.

  • What time is it?

  • @kahukura As every day.

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    I wish I could get up early in the morning. I find I'm more productive when I do that. But after several attempts to change my bodyclock to get up earlier I have found it impossible.

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    @LonM , same

  • @LonM said in 1st 2021 Friday Poll is out!:

    in the morning

    The what?


  • @guigirl You make things complicated. Not even you are on the flip side, you post at random times as well. You are timeless, funny and .. welcome.

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    @guigirl My apologies 🙈 Indeed this poll is credited to you! Again thank you so much for sharing this great idea. 🙂
    What do you think of the results? 🤓

  • @Gaëlle said in 1st 2021 Friday Poll is out!:

    My apologies

    Thanks but most definitely unnecessary! Truth be told, my memory is so diabolically pathetically useless that until @Ornorm's timely reminder i had [this is truthful, not exaggeration] completely forgotten that i had suggested this! 🤦♀ With me, ridiculously, if something happened > 42' ago, it might as well never have happened wrt my likely recollection. 🙄

    What do you think of the results?

    Heehee. At time of writing, this is the status:



    1. Someone in our community with adequate statistical analysis skills might like to comment to us if this data is sufficient for actual statistical significance or not [despite me notionally learning this stuff 300 years ago in Uni, & even using some statistical analysis occasionally during my professional career, in reality this stuff baffles me so much that even tossing a coin & asking me to comment will leave me clueless].
    2. Pending the potential outcome of #1, so far i really like that we NO's are leading the way, as it were. As i said when i [allegedly] suggested this idea, i had, for some reason, a hunch that this might be a trait for geekoids.
    3. Pending the potential outcome of #1 & #2, maybe a supplementary future poll might be: "Coffee or Tea?", teehee [unless we already have had this & i've forgotten, again].
    4. I really love the result for "None of the above". Though it probably has various benign interpretations too, a depressive like me with a bleak world view snickers at this & thinks to herself "yeah, i get that, i can really identify with having zero nil nada no peak period of any day".

    Thank you for these Polls; they are fun & interesting... & another nice aspect of our community.

  • Oooh, just realised... until 33' ago it was Friday, hence...

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