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How Vivaldi browser is different from Google Chrome

  • Vivaldi seem to be very promising. But I am not fully ready yet to jump of from current opera completly. I wonder if current opera is also just a chromium-ui clone or if they have build up their own UI. Is there any difference in speed and memory-usage?

  • @fabma , no difference in speed or memory, but in privacy.

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    How do you say "dunk on Google" in Norwegian? 🙂

  • Now that Google has announced plans to emasculate Chromium to squelch Vivaldi and other Chromium based browsers, what is Vivaldi's plan to deal with the withdrawal of services necessary to have a fully functioning browser? Starting in March, vital APIs will be unavailable to Vivaldi or any of the other browsers at the tender mercies of the beast known as Google.

    I'm not going anywhere. Vivaldi is my daily driver on Windows, Ubuntu and Android. Thuggery will not get my business even if Vivaldi is temporarily less capable.

  • @shadowxt: Vivaldi should seek to replicate the customizing functions of Tab Mix Plus!

  • @RockinRobbins Seems to be just the sync service which is affected plus spelling and possibly translation features.Not really a showstopper for those who do not use these services.

    Looks like those features could become more heavily licenced and thus in effect pay for services.

  • @Priest72 , sync isn't a problem for Vivaldi, but the API of the Chrome Store can be a problem.

  • @RockinRobbins Its just a matter of time before Google flex its muscle now that it killed off other browsers and is a dominant player in smart phones. I never understand why people don't see this coming a mile away. It doesn't shock me and I seen them do much worse to Conservatives on the internet.

  • @RockinRobbins If the Vivaldi team incorporated the customization that Tab Mix Plus, I would guarantee that lots of Firefox users would switch over. There was a lot of pissed off Firefox users when they eliminated the API calls that made Tab Mix Plus inoperable. I was one of them and had to switch to another browser. At that point, all browsers are practically the same. Vivaldi did have a slight edge in the customization. Believe it or not, a long long time ago in 2011, a browser called "ChromePlus" did just that. Unfortunately, the browser is no longer updated or supported. The interface and customization is still light years ahead of other browsers today, including Vivaldi.

  • @RockinRobbins Believe it or not, Chrome was one of the first browsers that force users to use the browser the way the developers intend. With Firefox and other browsers, you had the option of using Tab Mix Plus to customize. The reality is that not every uses the browsers the way the developers intend. Customization of the tabs is one of the key aspects that differentiate the different browsers. I see absolutely no point in using Opera now that its neutered and the same goes for Firefox. Vivaldi has some customization of the tabs, if it wasn't for that, I would just switch back to Chrome and none of these API call changes matter to me. Other than the tab customizations, none of the other features impress me. Its either something I don't need or just more bloat. I don't even use the internal speeddial function because Speed Dial 2 is 100 times better in my opinion.

    I just need a secure, stable browser that works on most web sites and customization of the tab interface. Anything else, I can find an extension. The tab control is one of the items where there are no extensions to improve the stock performance.

  • @Catweazle Wow, it has its own task manager! 👦🏿

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    @TekPreacher Same like Chrome and Chromium.

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