How Vivaldi browser is different from Google Chrome

  • @shadowxt: You clearly don't understand how updates work... Stable gets only minor security updates. It's obvious just by version number. Snapshot versions are 3.6 already, so that fix will came only with next big stable update to version 3.6.

  • @senja Its probably a few lines of code the fix the buggy software, but adding little 1980's game is better use of the developer's time.

  • @shadowxt , Vivaldia is not the work of the Vivaldi developers, but that of a friendly company, specialized in games of this type.

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    @shadowxt said in How Vivaldi browser is different from Google Chrome:

    It seems a bit silly to only do it on the context menu.

    It's not silly, it was a feature request to mimic Firefox/Chrome default behavior 🙂

    There should be an option to change the left mouse behavior also.

    Just vote for this feature, if exists on the related forum topics, or create a new one, then... wait 🙂 , see

  • @stardepp: would be nice if vivaldi had a setting to automatically do this if vivaldi is using more than x resources. (x being a slider). Or if cpu reaches y% for z seconds? Something like that... Maybe an option to notify the user if it's invoked as well. Being such a great browser I find myself loading it down as i get lazy and it hangs or crashes... Not vivaldi's fault btw. I wouldn't dare push another browser so far because they become unmanageable.

  • @kimmoj: I have to agree here. Multi-monitor setups in the workspace are becoming more common at a rapid pace. I and a few people I know use mouse without borders on multiple machines. While support for better usage on MWB probably doesn't make sense, no reason not to improve the dual display capability.

  • I forgot to say Chrome has a sort of Tab Group stuff, but it's still experimental since mid 2020, but if you're curious, you can find them in flags, just type "tab groups". When enabled, it allows to create a bropu, rename, close, and branded with some colour. Clicking on the group name make it collapse, and that's all.

    Vivladi: 10
    Chrome: 0.5

  • Ah, Vivaldi, the browser that is what Opera could have, and should have been!

    Just as a little note - I love how it's one of the most feature-rich browsers out there, yet if I'm on my 32-bit Atom-powered netbook with 2GB RAM, Vivaldi is the browser I reach for as it's the most lightweight!

    It's a shame that Blink/Webkit is becoming the "de facto web-standard". It should be an implementation of a standard, not the creator of it. This concerns me, as we already have a virtual browser monoculture (or at least rendering-engine monoculture), which can't be good for security, and also diverts yet more control of the web over to one single entity with only its own interests at heart.

    I know Vivaldi will never change rendering-engine and I appreciate that it was the only sensible choice at the time, but out of curiosity I often still wonder how much work it would be to add support for later web standards to an existing engine like Presto or KHTML (in fact, I think the Konqueror project are still doing this with KHTML).

    A single corporation already has too much control over the web (i.e. Google), and I do fear that they could use that power to create yet more de facto standards for the web, that further increase dependence on their proprietary "services" - or extend Chromium with proprietary features, that subsequently end up being necessary for the web to work. All that would be required is to extend Chromium's web engine with an "optional" closed-source extension, providing some new functionality. Due to their extensive market-share, there would be just a short wait for lots of web sites/businesses to blindly and unwittingly start using it - and then the web is inaccessible to anyone who doesn't use proprietary Google services/software... i.e. employ Microsoft's old "embrace, extend, extinguish" strategy. To some extent, they already do this, but possibly not as severely or overtly.

  • @shadowxt: Still not get it how updates work...

  • I used it for a few months and I loved the experience, especially how fast it is and the sync between desktop and mobile. I left it and returned to Firefox for one simple reason: It is chromium and as such it consumes a lot of RAM.

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    @junihh said in How Vivaldi browser is different from Google Chrome:

    It is chromium and as such it consumes a lot of RAM.

    Yes, but in Vivaldi you can hibernate tabs to save RAM.

  • @stardepp Maybe the Windows version has it but the Mac version doesn't. This is what the contextual menu has when you right click on the tab.

    Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 5.32.23 PM.png

    That's why I used "Tab Suspend" to get just what you guys suggest.

    Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 5.35.18 PM.png

  • @junihh macOS has it as well. I don't know why yours doesn't show it. Did you edit the menus by any chance?

    Screenshot 2021-01-13 at 23.08.47.png

  • @AltCode Nope, I didn't edit anything. Maybe the version I have installed is out of date? I have 3.5.2115.87 (Stable channel) (x86_64)

  • vivaldi is now my main browser in android, still miss the experience on ios. as i ditched my small windows laptop in favor of and ipad.

  • @kimmoj: Totally agree. It drives me nuts every time I want to open a tab on the other monitor. But in my case I've already switched to Vivaldi completely, can't go back now since there is so many features I love and got used to. Also, the problem with extensions' keyboard shortcuts not working for at least a couple of years now is just ridiculous. It seems like no one cares about these very old problems in the devs team.

  • The one is customizable the other is uncustomizable 🤓

  • Expect how it affects Vivaldi, when Google blocks all its Chromium Code APIs for third party Chromiumbrowsers on March 15th. Among them the Chrome Store API.
    Thereafter they require Chrome and a Google Account.

  • @Catweazle Seriously???

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