Just some suggestions

  • Love the browser overall, I think I prefer it to chrome! However I think it could use some improvements in some areas. -Make the notes better The notes are a very good touch, though I think that the ability to save notes to specific sites or tag them to specific sites with a small remind feature when you later access that site. Or even make it so you can leave notes/ annotations on the page like in Microsoft's edge. -Easier way to stack tabs I love the stacking feature however I have some difficulty to stack the tabs together as it can be quite fiddly as they keep moving about. Any improvements would be welcome. -Include more Icons on the side bar As it stand the side bar is good but can be more utilised by including more features. Perhaps a notification from Emails/ Facebook posts, an option to add other things... -start.me I think that Start.me.com is an interesting site and design idea, maybe you could implement some of their ideas into yours. I like how you could visualise all the bookmarks. Thanks

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    -Easier way to stack tabs

    Right-click, Group Similar Tabs in Stack to collect open tabs on the same domain into a stack.


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