Mouse gesture issue - Open link in a background tab

  • Hi there, Since i've updated in 1.0.352.3, the "Open link in a background tab" mouse gesture doesn't work fine anymore 😞 There are 2 issues : [ol] [li]The new background tab appears with some delay as detailed by another person in [url=]this topic[/url][/li] [li]When the new background appears, Vivaldi doesn't load the webpage untill I open this tab. I tried to open some links in new background without mouse gesture, (ctrl + left mouse click) and the webpages are loading succesfully. Then I think it's really a mouse gesture issue...[/li] [/ol] Keep going with your great work !

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    No, the gesture works fine.

    Yes, with 1.0.352.3 (32bit) the tab loads with a little delay, but it loads in background.

  • Well it works again with 1.0.357.5 ^^

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  • Where can I find "Open link in the background" gesture option? My Mouse settings in Vivaldi contains very few mouse gestures which cannot be modified btw


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