Request: harmless privacy features such as disabling font and plugin enumeration

  • Hi It'd be great if we could enable simple privacy features that don't really matter much depending on what kind of websites you visit. I'm mainly thinking of disabling font and plugin enumeration, since those are massive pitfalls in panopticlick tests and aren't mission critical anyway : I've had them disabled in Firefox for a long time and it never really broke anything. I dislike browser plugins and sites that use them anyway so it's not like I missed out on anything by not letting websites use them. As for fonts, well, any decent website is designed around the standard web-safe fonts or links to a font file if they use any special ones. If not designed properly and the font falls back to a standard font, well, no big deal, right? There may be other such details that can be safely masked (the user agent header for example) and features for them are very welcome, of course. It should be up to the user to decide if he wants to use them or not. There may be extensions that provide such features but built-in code is always better and faster than patched-in code (extensions). Cheers


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