Trash bin doesn't show favicons: bug or not implemented feature?

  • Yeap, for me trash bin shows only text links, not showing favicons. Is it a bug (so I should report it to the "report a bug" form) or this is just not implemented yet (in this case this is a feature request)? I see left margin in the dropdown, looks like it should be filled with favicons. Anybody see favicons there? (I'm on Win 10) PS in old Opera, there was another nice thing about trash bin: pressing 1-9 opened the 1st-9th closed page respectively. I would be nice to have this feature in Vivaldi, too.

  • Moderator


    Anyway, there is no special place for feature requests, so I guess you should submit a bug report either way.

    There's a sticky thread at the top of this All Platforms Forum.

    I have added those two items as feature requests.

    I don't think the missing favicons is a bug, but it would not hurt to submit a bug report.


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