Keyboard navigation removed?

  • I remember in one of the TP's I accidentally pressed a key and a bunch of little boxes showed up next to URLs with a letter or two, like "S". With that key held down and I pressed S, it would click the link. Pretty handy. However, the last 2 betas I've tried do not have that behavior. maybe it was removed or disabled by default? Or i completely forget what key(s) was pressed (I tried all combos of all modifiers). Bonus thing: In the older versions, those "page actions" such as Invert (lower-right corner) used to be remembered, now whenever I go to a new tab those settings are unchecked.

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    With Shift CursorUp/Down/Left/Right you can select links on page, thats called Spatial Navigation.

    You can use the keys: S for down, W for Up, A for left and D for right
    you can use them, if you have deactivated "Disable Single Keys Shortcuts" in Vivaldi Settings.

  • I'm aware of those hotkeys. however, they are not what I'm referring to.

    I pushed a key* and all links, such as "Gwen-Dragon" next to your avatar had a little tooltip next to it, it would have said "G" for "Gwen". and with that key* held down and if I pressed G, it would click your name and go to your profile.

    Maybe I'll find an oooold version and play around. If I find it, I'll report back.

    Edit: played around a bit with older versions, couldn't find it :( even tried Opera 12 and 30+ to see if I confused Viv with Opera, nothing. But I really only use 2 browsers since Opera 'died': Maxthon, and somewhat use vivaldi. and I know for a fact it isn't Maxthon. Oh well.

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    I cant remember Vivaldi having such feature. But may be i misse something.

    If you can find the Vivaldi version which had this, please tell, i like to investigate and talk with devs when this disapperared and why.

  • Vimium extension has this feature. Hitting 'f' shows shortcuts for a link. Hitting 'F' would open the link in a new tab.

    Vimium in Chrome Web Store

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