Zooming in on just one page?

  • (revised for clarity) When I view a stack of tabs all at once "tiled" it seems like the whole stack has the same zoom and all the pages zoom together. Is this intended or is there something I'm doing wrong.

  • Moderator

    I think, this is a bug. I'll ask the devs. Currently the zoom is stored per domain (as i interprete the bahviour) and not per tab.
    But work is in Progress.

  • At first it seemed random but per domain (or subdomain) makes sense.

    Still, I often open images in a new tab to get a better look at them and I might want to zoom on an image but not the page it came from. I can, however, understand that storing zoom per domain makes sense so that you don't have to keep zooming in over and over on a website.

    Perhaps a way to change the zoom setting could be implemented? I am used to it being per-tab as was the Opera implementation and I believe Chrome and Maxthon as well.


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