REQUEST: Option to Disable Speed Dial

  • I've been using Vivaldi for about a month or so, and I love it, but I have one request for the developers. An option to disable Speed Dial. I love how Vivaldi was built with speed and other things that make Vivaldi Vivaldi, but since you have focused on customizability, I would like a way to disable Speed Dial.

  • Moderator

    I've seen this request a few times, but have never understood what it would achieve. If you don't want to use the speed dial then don't open a new tab. Either resuse the current tab, or open a link or a bookmark in a new tab.

  • and what do you expect to see after opening new tab? blank page?

  • I'd just like to nominate a specific URL (a file:// one in particular) for display instead of the speed dial - I find it better to maintain and manage my own equivalent.

  • Moderator

    Set your local page as your home page. If you want to open it always in a new tab add it to your bookmark bar and use middle-click.

  • I want to use Vivaldi, but I love FVD SPEED DIAL (from Chrome web store), it's SO customizable!

    In Chrome it automatically changes the default page to FVD, but Vivald there's no way.

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    I do not use the speed dial, I have my links in folders in the bookmarks bar. The speed dial can be perfectly deactivated in the configuration and replaced by the search engine or something for start or new tab


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