Bug-Copy and Paste

  • Well, I've been playing with some settings with Vivaldi, and I made it the best browser that works for me. But, there is a bug, when I copy and paste something, it paste itself 2 times, which is annoying. Is there a way to fix this? Or is it a regular bug? Thanks for your time, -Edge

  • I've never seen this - can you give details of where this happens?
    e.g. in the address bar, or search field, or in Notes or is it on a site or where ?
    Also, how are you doing the copy/paste ?

  • It happens where ever I press CTRL+V (not right click paste) in anything in Vivaldi. Forums, facebook, youtube, anything. I was thinking I might of messed up a setting?

    Edit: Never mind, I had paste and paste as plain text the same thing. Thanks for helping .

  • Ok - so it was pasteing on sites !

    Glad you figured it out 🙂

  • Moderator

    Ctrl V pastes ok.
    But Ctrl Shift V pastes twice.

    Seems a old bug reappeared. I'll investigate.

    //EDIT: It is my old reported bug VB-9856,
    i reported now for current Latest Snapshot!


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