Crash on startup

  • Hi, Since a few versions, my vivaldi always crashes 2-3sec after launch. It happens with both my computer. (one win 7 64bits one win 10 64bits) I managed to fix the problem on one computer by unistalling and removing all settings and do a clean install. I would like to fix it without losing all my settings/bookmarks/passwords/extensions. Is there a log file or something to help me. PS : I have already tried to delete current session, same happen. I heard about a bug when updating thumbnail in speeddial folders, I have folders in my speeddial. Thank you

  • I found a solution. I have found out that the problem was in the preferences file located in vivaldi/User Data/Default just delete it and no more crash. If anyone wants to take a look at the buggy file I will send it to you.

    Hope it can help some. 😉

  • That fixed it for me too.
    Here is the full path to the file you need to delete:
    C:\Users<user-name>\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Preferences</user-name>


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