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  • Hello again dear developers! Imagine my surprise when the generic avatar popped up in the course of creating my account on here: an icon depicting male contours, with a neck tie and all. Evidently for Vivaldi it's a man's world. Really? I should think that by now, 2015, women have successfully established themselves as more than captains of their kitchen, seriously. In this day and age gender specific icons are totally misplaced - please Vivaldi, replace the present generic icon with a gender neutral version, or else a twin icon, a guy and a girl, whatever, but DO adapt to modern western society's standards of female emancipation, there is no need to go back in time in that respect.. Honestly, the icon as it is now boggles the mind. Thank you in advance, Mabel Amber

  • You have my support.
    Harry (male, 70)

  • Thank you Harry.

    I can see the avatar matches your gender perfectly.

    How can they saddle female members with a male avatar? Would the Vivaldi developers leave the house in the morning, dressed in a dress and wearing a long haired wig?
    Still wondering how their thought processes work. Ultimately single minded, that can be the only answer. "Vivaldi. the all male browser! Out now!"

  • 'I can see the avatar matches your gender perfectly.'
    I hadn't noticed, though you're quite right. I have less hair, but I am wearing a tie! (Never grown up and not planning to.)

    'Still wondering how their thought processes work.'
    Same way most people's do. You have my support, but that doesn't mean I feel as strongly as you do.

    PS Is it me or doesn't the Preview feature work?

  • Quote: " Same way most people's do."

    Developers should broaden their thought processes, taking into account the demands their product requires. They need to think socially.It's not just a cosmetic flaw, but fundamental thoughtlessness.
    It's precisely through the omission of crucial details that the spirit of the product is defined. The non customized Avatars convey a "message". The message Vivaldi brings across, through its lack of female icon is: "Vivaldi is an all male affair."
    Welcome to the "community" …

    There's plenty of sites where the non customized avatar is either gender neutral or else a choice is offered, or when clicking the gender radio button a female avatar is created.

    (Preview works for me. Try clearing your cache.)

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    FWIW, Vivaldi is using software designed and built by someone else for the forums, and it is the vendor's icons you are looking at.

  • Quote "FWIW, Vivaldi is using software designed and built by someone else for the forums, and it is the vendor's icons you are looking at."

    Still is Vivaldi's responsibility, his ideas are applied to their site.

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    Are you happy now with new forum software showing for a new user a bareheaded person?
    I hope so.


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