[BUG REPORT] YouTube account settings popup doesn't open

  • Hello, I would like to report an issue with this build. Note, this is a fresh install, no extensions installed, no ad blocker, no popup blocker. When I login in my YouTube account, I want to click my avatar on the top right and a small popup window will appear that shows a gear icon [img]http://s25.postimg.org/hjf4zhry3/e5b18fe5b995e5bfabe785a7_2015_02_13_1_01_40.png[/img] when clicked it leads to this page [u]https://www.youtube.com/account[/u] but when I click it, it flashes for a second and closes, the first time I had [b]AdGuard[/b] and [b]JavaScript Popup Blocker[/b], when I experienced this, I thought one of the extensions is closing it, so I disabled them and tried again, when the same outcome was reproduced, I uninstalled Vivaldi and deleted all my Vivaldi data on the PC and did a clean install, I tried again without making any changes and it still doesn't work. Thank you!

  • Same for me. When I click on my avatar to change account the popup appear for a second then disappear and I cannot change account.

    Im using the latest beta (but it never worked for me).

    Please fix this.


  • Well, I don't know if this is their problems, but when I click on my YouTube avatar in the top right handed corner, it works maybe once then doesn't again. It pops up but then automatically goes back like I clicked someone on the page at a very fast pace. I'm leaving this here for anyone who knows the fix and maybe this is their problem too.
    Thanks for reading this,

  • I experienced the same issue today. I tried to clean the cache, unistall and install vivaldi again but nothing changes. Anyone have resolved this since December ?

  • I have the same issue.


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