Vivaldi not displaying Aero window style (with "Use Native Window" set)

  • Using WinVista Ultimate 64 bit and turning on Aero, Vivaldi remains the only application that shows a blue border & close button. From other's snapshots I see the Aero should be visible, at least on Win7. I deleted also \User Data\Default so the browser started as new (and then checking back the "Use Native Windows" setting), but there were no change. Could be a Vista specific problem ? Or ... ?

  • I'm not expert secarica, but when that happens I recommend reapplying the setting, close Vivaldi, and then reopen Vivaldi. If that works, don't read the rest of this. But Second One: Reapply the setting, Close Vivaldi, but instead of reopening Vivaldi, restart your computer. If this doesn't work I don't know what, I haven't used Vivaldi on Vista before…

  • Been there, done that – no difference. For other reason I completely reinstalled Vivaldi 64bit in Program Files directory (as opposed to \AppData\Local\etc.) with complete deletion of all previous Vivaldi traces, but again, no difference.

  • This post is deleted!


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