[Bug] Pinned tab with active audio is almost not klickable

  • How to reproduce: [ol] [li]Open website with audio[/li] [li]Pin the tab[/li] [li]Go to another tab and try to switch back by klicking the pinned tab [/ol] Change suggestions: [ul] [li]Shrink the speaker symbol and maybe expand it if the mouse is close to it.[/li] [li]Double click opens the tab, single click just mutes it or vice versa.[/li] [li]Expand the width of the tab on hover so that the speaker icon gets nudged to the right.[/li] [/ul]

  • Moderator

    It's actually not difficult to switch tabs by clicking the corner of the pinned tab, avoiding the speaker icon.

    I would not even call it a bug — maybe a minor design flaw, but I don't see any urgent need to improve it.



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