[Feature suggestion] Closing tab activates the next tab on the right, not the one on the left

  • Hi all! First, the good things. I love Vivaldi. It's a great, great browser. Some awesome initiatives, like the Quick Command (being a fan of Quicksilver and launchers, this is a great addition!) But this drives me totally crazy -> After years being used to it, I just can't get myself around it, and will probably abandon Vivaldi if there's no workaround 😞 : Please, when I close a tab, I want the next tab on the right to be shown, not the one on the left! It's been years every other browser I know of and use (Firefox, Chrome, Safari) behave like this. Everytime I close a tab and see the one on the left being shown, I'm highly disappointed, to say the least… :dry: This is a total friction in my workflow. ----- [EDIT] I did some "debugging" and this only happens in a specific use case: I do a lot of Command-clicking. When I'm reading a page and click on a bunch of links, I usually Command-Click on them to open each one in a new tab in the background. Especially when I click on results from a search page. [b]Context:[/b] Say I'm in tab B (A being mostleft tab). I do a Bing search in tab B. [b]Actions taken:[/b] I Command-Click on a bunch of links from tab B which opens tab C, D, E and F in the background. Now I want to see what's in tab D. I look into it, then close it (Command-W). [b]Resulting behavior[/b] Tab B is shown again. [b]Expected behavior[/b] What I was expecting was tab E to show, not tab B again (the one the Command-click came from). Having tab B shown forces me to click on tab C. Then I close tab C. I want to see tab E, but I'm again in tab B. :huh: It really is a frictional thing, makes my browsing annoying. ----- Please at least add a preference for this. I can't find one (or is there some hidden config file I'm not aware of — such as Firefox's about:config page ? :unsure: ). Or is it scriptable? Configurable by JavaScript? I'm relatively new to coding but would be willing to help implement this 😉 Changing the "cycle in tab order" and not "cycle in recently used order" does not solve the issue, at least on my machine (Mac OS X 10.11.2)

  • I cannot agree more, it is making me impossible to use Vivaldi, along with the Open link in new tab behavior, which takes place at the rightmost end of the list. I too open lots of links in this way and expect these new tabs to be created right next to the currently active one, so having them come up at the end of the list just makes a complete mess for me. Perhaps an "Open link in current stack" option could be added to handle this.

  • Totally agree!

  • Vivaldi Team

    This is implemented in the latest snapshot.

  • @pettern:

    This is implemented in the latest snapshot.

    Well, yes and no, I'm using build 1.0.385.5 and in some cases the closing tab behaviour is still weird and unexpected.

    • open multiple tabs from the bookmarks bar with the middle mouse button : it opens them in background,
    • move to the first opened tab
    • close it
    • it goes back to the left tab (previous active tab) instead of the right tab (second opened from bookmarks bar)

    Same thing happens when you open tab from a page, they are related, then open some tabs from one of the related tabs, closing behaviour is really weird in that case.

    I'm also using Microsoft Edge most of the time, and I think they got it right in the default opening/closing behaviour of tabs, related tabs, and tabs from related tabs.


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